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CPD - Site Investigation Masterclass

What is covered?

This series of 13 CPD videos will include 10-minute masterclasses on each of the key Site Investigation surveys that are required on every site to de-risk your projects. RenKap's expert site investigation suppliers will cover:

  • What the purpose of each survey is and why they are required
  • When they are required
  • How each survey is completed
  • What info you need to give suppliers for a successful project outcome
  • How to access the the best validates suppliers

How will the CPD series work?

Once you sign up below you will get access to our videos which you can watch in your own time. 1 video will be released each fortnight. We will send you an email notification as they are released.

What is RenKap?

We are the first of its kind Site Investigation Platform. All site investigation surveys can be tendered, procured, instructed and managed on one platform with access to the best vetted suppliers across the UK.


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